Are You Dreaming of Soothing Blue Horizons of Sparkling Water?

We are blessed with two really great lakes out here in the lake country, Lake Oconee and its sister lake, Lake Sinclair. They have different personalities…

You can be in a lake house and be 10 or 15 minutes away from shopping or you can be in a lake house and be 30 minutes or more away from shopping.  And of course, where is your budget? Understanding what’s your personal comfort level with budget is part of deciding which lake and which parts of which lakes are you likely to find the home that is best for you.

When someone says to me, I think I want to live on the lake, I ask them to close their eyes and tell me what that means to them, what that feels like

  • Is it the view they are going to have waking up in the morning and they look out on the lake?
  • Is it having the whole family out there and getting out into boats and zooming around and teaching the kids to ski and power boating?
  • Or is it quiet paddling in a kayak. What’s your dream when you have been thinking about living on a lake?
  • And, how far from stuff do you want to be?

They have a different vibe, these two lakes. Lake Oconee is 19,000 acres, Sinclair is a 15,000 acre lake. In Georgia we build our lakes by daming up rivers. Lake Oconee was built in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Sinclair is a bit older than that. It’s a 1950’s lake.

If  you’re ready to turn dreams into reality, contact me today and we’ll begin the search for the lake life you’ll call home.

Lake Sinclair

Lake Sinclair

Sinclair is known largely for its great fishing. There are all kinds of tournaments run out of there. Sinclair is kind of a old fashion low key lake. You have a really wide diversity of house stock around it, ranging from little tiny fishing cabins to some really big nice, luxurious homes. On the south end of Sinclair you have Milledgeville which is a college town so you got people with full time residences associated with the colleges who live on Lake Sinclair closer to those colleges.

You have the crazy east side, the Sparta side, the Hancock county side. I call it crazy because it is absolutely some of the most pristine, beautiful water you’ve ever seen. You are more or less 30 minutes away from anything when you get to that lake front. You got to be the kind of person that plans, that brings your groceries with you, that isn’t going out eat a whole lot once you’re at the lake. And once you get to the lake, you stay at the lake. If you’re that kind of person then the east side of Sinclair is wonderful for you and the values are very, very good because more people are willing to pay a little more for convenience of location.

Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee

When you get up to Oconee, it’s a whole different kind of lake. The center piece of Lake Oconee today is really its gated golf communities. There is a Ritz Carlson lodge property out there. Its primary identity is of a pretty upscale lake organized around gated golf communities and a lot of very high end properties. We’ve sold inside the Reynolds Lake Oconee, we’ve seen lake lot sales up to $2 million just for the dirt, just for a 1 acre lake lot with a spectacle view on the end of a point in an exclusive sub development within a development. So prices can get really what ever you dream in that part of the lake.

On the other hand you have the more affordable North end of the lake. It’s a little bit more river like. There’s a lot more national forest around there. It’s just more quieter and sleepier. It’s a little more further away from marines and restaurants, lake side restaurants and all that. So people both who are looking for a little more quiet lake experience, a little more focused on fishing and kayaking and canoeing rather big power boating can find a great way of life and a very affordable way of life, relatively more affordable on the North end of Lake Oconee.

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