Are You Dreaming of that Perfect Piece of Land?

Searching for the right piece of land is as much a matter of the heart as the head. There are some practical considerations, of course, such as location, budget, and function. But if you’re one of the lucky ones – one day your heart will race and your soul will sing. It might be the view across clean waters or rolling fields, or standing under a towering oak tree, or the intimacy of an old homestead site. In a moment, you’ll know – this could be the one.

I’d been searching for more than two years when I found my perfect land – it stole my heart on that very first day I walked up a knoll and caught a glimpse of the lake through the trees. 15 plus years later, this continues to be the land that I love.

It’s a team effort, finding your land.  I like to start with some questions:

  • Tell me what you see when you dream about your land?  What’s it like? Are there long views, or is it very private? Can you see the neighbors?
  • What plans do you have for your land – will there be critters living with you? Are you a gardener? Tell me about the home you are planning.
  • Do we have location issues to consider, like commute to work or schools? How far from shopping, doctors and restaurants – 10 minutes, 20 minutes, more?
  • And, of course, the budget. After you think about the home you’ll build, and fencing, barns, or other outbuildings – how much can you invest in the land?

When you share your priorities with me, it helps me to match you with properties I know about.  My experience has taught me that it’s rare to find land tracts that match up perfectly with your wish list – but when I understand your vision we can focus on the best matches.

If  you’re ready to turn dreams into reality, contact me today and we’ll begin the search for the land you’ll call home.

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